Advanced OCR Image Recognition

Combined OCR and facial recognition for unmatched participant identification.

High Volume Capacity

No limits. Instantly process thousands of images.

API Integration

Connect with your favorite photo hosting platform.

Advanced Photo Identification Services

Comprehensive technology for unmatched participant identification

Photo Identification Services

  • SmartTag ID: Filter OCR results for custom keyword search.
  • Facial Recognition ID: Accurate and secure.
  • QR Code ID: Generate and associate individual and group photos with QR codes.
  • # ID: Use traditional slate identification and automatically associate photos to individuals.
  • Timing Mat Tagging. Identify runners based on timing data from the race.
  • Time and Location. Allow participants to search photos based on location and time of day.


Pixelshare image tagging is built to connect to most photo hosting platforms through easy API integrations. Whether you use a popular photo hosting service or have a custom solution, Pixelshare can process and return image data seamlessly so you only have to upload photos to one location. Update tagging data and filters in the Pixelshare app and push the results to your hosting application.


Let your customers know their photos are ready with Pixelshare’s built-in email and SMS notification tools. Create dynamic marketing campaigns with direct links to customer photos.






Abby L.

"Just looked through the galleries and I’m amazed! Thanks so much, killer job!"

Evan P.

"I’d still be waiting another 12+ hours for human taggers to finish. This is awesome!"